The Baptist Heritage Revival Society is a ministry of  the Cozaddale Baptist Temple of Goshen, Ohio.




This society fulfills its purpose in many ways.

1. We conduct traveling tours of our Baptist history regularly.  

-Society Director, Dr. Ted Alexander, conducts the Baptist Heritage Revival Tours and does most of the tour lectures. He also travels throughout America and foreign countries to teach Baptist Heritage in local churches. Brother Alexander is also an author, and an adjunct professor of Baptist history at Master’s Baptist College in Fargo, ND, and lectures on Baptist history in numerous colleges and Bible institutes.

-Assistant Director, Terry Danford, is a very useful, and busy Evangelist to the field of America. He also helps present tour lectures. Brother Danford has over three decades of pastoral/ministry experience and has taught Baptist history on the college level for many years.

2. This society is actively involved in restoring and placing “stones of remembrance.”

3. Members of this society are actively involved in teaching our fantastic Baptist heritage. 

4. It is also the work of this society through preaching and teaching, to promote Baptist doctrine and the importance of the Baptist practice of birthing churches.

*Distinguishing Principles: While many call themselves “Baptist”, we have found that we must go further in defining our Biblical position.

›We believe that the old King James Bible is the perfectly preserved Word of God for English speaking people..

›We believe that conviction, repentance, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.

›We believe that Jesus’s “my church” is always and only, both local and visible.

›We believe that the responsibility of each local church is to teach, deep water baptize, and desciple all nations.  We are convinced that the great commission is more than soul winning and bus routes, and that it is indeed a command to gather and organize local Baptist churches.

›We believe that the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s table were committed to the disciples of Christ during His earthly ministry and that they are exclusively administered by and for the local church.  The practice of church discipline was also dispensed to the the first local church during Christ’s earthly ministry.

›We are dispensational in reference to basic theology. We reject Catholic, Catholic Reformed, and hyper-dispensational theological systems.

›We are both pre-millenial and pre-tribulational in our eschatological views.

›We are separatists both personally and ecclesiastically.