This tour could prove to be the best yet!

The 2017 Couples Tour will be here before you know it!


 This tour is designed to be a spiritual refreshment, romantic getaway, and challenge to married Baptist couples. We will visit excellent Baptist history sites in three states and hear great lectures pertinent to each site. In addition, you will enjoy Spirit-filled messages from God’s men aimed at  strengthening  your marriage.


-EXCELLENT SITES: We will visit the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, the Waldensian Trail of Faith, the Kings Mountain Battleground and Museum, the Virginia Baptist Historical Museum, the Old Chesterfield Prison site, Colonial Williamsburg, & Chincoteague Island, to name a few of the exciting sites.

GODLY SPEAKERS:These men will be preaching to strengthen couples.

Jeffrey AblesPastor Ables pastors the Berean Baptist Church in Springfield, MO. Berean holds to historic Baptist doctrine and, under Brother Ables’s strong leadership, has become known as a “missionary breeding ground.”

Jeff MerrickPastor Merrick pastors the Calvary Baptist Church in Knob Noster, MO. Pastor Merrick is known for his strong stand on Baptist doctrine and has trained and prepared many young preachers to go into the work of God.

Terry DanfordBrother Danford pastored for twenty-one years and is now traveling as a full-time evangelist to America. He has taught Baptist history on the college level for several years and is currently the assistant director for the Baptist Heritage Revival Society.

Keynote Lecturer-

Ted Alexander-Brother Alexander has traveled for over twenty years as a local church evangelist. He is a member of the Cozaddale Baptist Temple in Goshen, OH. Brother Alexander is a Baptist historian, author, and is the director of the Baptist Heritage Revival Society.

-WHEN/WHERE: We will depart from the Comfort Suites Hotel (airport location) in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday morning, June 13th, at 8:30 AM. aboard a comfortable chartered bus, and return on Friday evening, June 16th, to the same location. All couples should arrive to the hotel sometime on Monday the 12th. The Monday night room is included in the tour fee. This will allow plenty of time for everyone to arrive on various flights, and assure that everyone arrives early enough to accommodate any other last minute obstacles, such as flight delays or cancellations. Monday arrival will also provide attendees with the opportunity to have additional fellowship time, and get a good night of rest before an action packed week. There will be a briefing/devotion at 8:00 AM. Tuesday morning, prior to our departure.

 -COSTS:  $1,100.00 per couple            

 or $1,000.00 for earlybirds.



~A NON-REFUNDABLE downpayment of $500.00 is due by March 15th.

March 15th is an ABSOLUTE deadline! There will be NO late registrations!

~The remaining $600.00 is due by May 1st.

May 1st is an ABSOLUTE deadline! If final payment is not received on time, prospective attendees will forfeit their downpayment. (Please don’t ask for allowance for late payments. Keep in mind that our tour costs are in the tens of thousands and hotel and bus contracts must be honored. These things are beyond our control.)


~To save $100.00 simply submit the total cost by the March 15th deadline. Your payment will be $1,000.00.

**PAYMENT INFO: Remit all checks to BHRS PO Box 311 Goshen, OH. 45122   Write “Tour” in the memo.

Or use the donate button on the homepage of this website. If doing so, a courtesy call is expected. Ted Alexander- 915-526-2832

*What is covered in the cost?


          1.  Five nights for two people, in the Comfort Suites Hotels in various     locations. One of them is a bay-view suite on Chincoteague Island. These hotels are top notch in the “affordable” range, and feature free wifi and a full hot breakfast.

        2. Two seats on a comfortable charter tour bus to all stops.

        3. Entrance fee to Patrick Henry Redhill Estate site

        4. Entry fee for our expedited visit to Colonial Williamsburg.

        5. Entrance fee to the Waldensian Trail of Faith.

        6. A catered Italian dinner at the Waldensian trail of Faith site.

        7. Honorariums to be given to our speakers.

       8. Minimal supplement to the Driver’s tip.

-DRESS/CONDUCT CODE: Casual and comfortable, yet neat, is the suggested dress code.

Men: Jeans are permitted; but short pants, tank tops, muscle shirts, and baggy britches along with overall sloppiness are not welcome.    

Ladies: Modest Skirts and dresses, (at least below the knee) to include denim, are acceptable. No pants, shorts, low-cut blouses, belly shirts, or tank top shirts are allowed. *Note, these standards are to be taken seriously! Let’s do our best to represent Christ. Please bring comfortable walking shoes as we will do some walking and have very full days. You may also want to bring a camera and an umbrella or rain coat. Alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited.

(updated 11/02/2016)

What people are saying about the tours:

Bro. Alexander,

Thank you for providing a very professional and well run tour! Every aspect of the tour, from the planning, the routing, the hotels, the lectures, the special music, the preaching, and even the individuals on the tour, made for a Great Week!!

May the Lord bless your efforts, and stir up godly men to stop holding back, and to storm this world with the gospel of Jesus Christ! I know that it stirred my heart, and seems to have had a good effect on R____ and K____ as well. I pray that you are recovering well. I will be praying for your ministry, as you have continued opportunity to have a great impact and influence on many churches and preachers!!

May the Lord Jesus Christ grant you the grace you need, to do all that He has called you to!

Thank you brother!

C____ K_______, pastor

M________ Baptist Church


Dear Jodi, (Mrs. T. Alexander)

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all your husband’s (and no doubt, your own:-) diligent efforts and labors in preparing the Baptist Heritage Tour. It was a sincere blessing to my husband, and consequently, to me as well! We are so grateful for the impact that you have had on our Christian walk because of our being made aware of our rich Baptist Heritage as a result of that aspect of your ministry. In fact, that is why we are compelled to make donations each month. What a blessing, and oh how important it is for us as Baptists to understand the price that was paid for our liberty!

God Bless, K_____


Hello Brother Ted,

Thanks for your hard work in putting together the Baptist History Tour. It was a real blessing.

Brother R_____


Attached are the group photos from Sandy Creek. If you get one from the cave I would like to have it as well. Thanks again for all the effort you invested in the tour, it was great.

God Bless,

J____ W_______