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The Need: This society is a loosely connected fellowship of Baptist men who greatly appreciate our history and heritage as Baptists.  We are greatly concerned for our fellow Baptist ministers today, and the direction they are leading their churches. There has been an absolute disconnect between men of God and their Baptist roots! It is our passion to re-attach preachers to their Baptist history and doctrine. 

The Response: We are actively involved in disseminating the facts of our history and the understanding of our heritage to our generation. In addition, we are zealous in our desire to promote Baptist doctrine and practice among Baptists.  If our generation is not acquainted with its doctrine and heritage, the problem of widespread ignorance will only continue. We must give our generation the truth so in time to come our children’s children will firmly possess their heritage and practice the pure doctrine of the Baptists!

The Purpose:

*1. To Reattach God’s children to their Baptist heritage.

*2. To promote and encourage faithfulness to Bible (Baptist) doctrine in the Lord’s churches around the world.

*3. To promote and encourage the practice of the great commission. This includes the careful preaching and teaching of the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, gathering and baptizing converts with Scriptural authority, and ultimately planting and maintaining Scriptural New Testament Baptist churches.

**The end goal of this process is to bring God glory, by furthering His kingdom through spiritual reproduction.


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